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Why Modern Kids Design Is A Member of One Percent For The Planet

When you first hear “one percent,” it sounds like a small amount. How can such a tiny sliver of a whole amount to anything? Tell that to One Percent for the Planet and hear what they have to say about it.


The brainchild of Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Blue Ribbon Flies founder Craig Matthews, the organization is built on the foundation that every company can do its part to make our planet a better place. Since One Percent for the Planet opened its doors in 2002, it has raised over $100 million dollars for nonprofits all over the world. The result? Global change that positively affects every corner of our earth.


Here’s how it works. Companies promise to give one percent of their profits to the cause. These funds are then distributed to organizations that help our environment. 1,200 businesses are currently giving their 1% – and their actions are helping 3,300 sustainably-oriented nonprofits fulfill their goals.


It’s incredible what can happen when companies join together for a good cause. By committing to a minimum of one percent, we are collaborating to enable global change. One Percent for the Planet isn’t just about donating funds. It’s about cooperation; it’s about banding together to make a positive impact on our planet. Modern Kids Design was drawn to One Percent for the Planet for this reason. We’re proud to be part of a global community that is committed to the enhancement of our environment, and we’re delighted to do our part with this unique organization.


One of our favorite aspects of One Percent for the Planet is the diverse range of causes that it spurns into action. Membered companies have helped conserve forests and preserve landscapes. They’ve removed pollutants from rivers and plastics from oceans. They’ve enabled sustainable agricultural practices and efficient energy production. When it comes to One Percent for the Planet, inspiration comes from different cultures, landscapes and communities. We love that our funding enables organizations to help our planet in a diverse range of ways.


1% represents much more than a number. It’s a mindset; it stands for a collective effort from companies and nonprofits to make our planet a better place. This is an organization that epitomizes Aristotle’s quote: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Modern Kids Design is proud to represent a small sliver in that whole… And we’re excited to see how our contribution can make a healthier, happier, and more sustainable home for communities all over the world!

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