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Happy New Year! How About A Healthy Start with Fruits & Veggies?

happy-new-year-from-modernkidsdesignDid you make some resolutions and set some goals for 2017? We all have  different styles for beginning the new year and, regardless of your planning approach, we hope yours is off to a healthy start!


This year at Modern Kids Design, we’re going about resolutions in the “health” area a bit differently. Rather than focusing on something  that we might give up or feel like we can cross off our list, we’ve crafted several intentions that fall under a goal many families share—to eat healthier or simply maintain a balanced diet because we all know it takes a bit of thought and planning especially if we are thinking about the whole family. So, every month, we’ll share a new intention to help you and your family continue to eat right.


Intentions? What’s That?


Now, if you haven’t heard of intentions (and we realize it can mean different things), let us explain how we’re using the term in this context. Whereas your goal or resolution may be to eat better, to lose weight, or to eat more sustainable foods, an intention can be a seemingly small but mighty component that you set and carry with you daily to support that greater goal. Resolutions are often large and can weigh heavily upon us. We find when we break goals down into smaller steps and begin to alter our habits, our ability to achieve those goals increases.


January’s Intention: More Fruit & Veggies


This month, we’re focusing on increasing our veggie and fruit intake as part of a larger goal of eating well. The intention? Sneak them in where we can! It’s an easy mantra that we can recall throughout the day. Plus, there’s no “failure”. There is only a positive intention and action to work towards the larger goal. Sure, not every attempt will be a crowd-pleaser, but it’s a learning process and takes time.


So how are we approaching our intention?


With yummy seasonal stews and soups, sneaking in veggies is a bit simpler. Plus, staples like sweet potatoes, squash, and beets can be a fun (and colorful) way to introduce younger children to eating the rainbow. Another way we like to sneak in veggies and fruits is in smoothies and juices. Not sure about smoothies in the winter? Check back soon as we’re thinking about a host of ways to convince you 🙂


There are plenty of opportunities to increase our fruit and veggie intake, from meatloaf made with a medley of vegetables to hearty soups that make use of seasonal produce. If your children are older and enjoy trying new dishes, get them in on the action! Share information about “eating the rainbow” and see what creative new dishes or sides they come up with.


In addition, we’re happy to share some delicious recipes from our blogger friends in Foodies! Your Guide to Healthy Living.


Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to reach out, share your thoughts and  let us know what you’d like to read about in the months ahead at Again, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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