Meet the Makers: Slow North

With the waning light of the winter months, candles are a welcome way to add light and warmth to your home. Having said that, if you’re like us at Modern Kids Design, you may be a little hesitant to burn just any candle. After all, the air quality inside your home is just as important as the air quality outside of it for maintaining good health. Did you know candles can affect indoor air quality as well? If you think about it, it makes sense, right? Many candles that smell quite good are actually made with synthetic fragrances that emit chemicals you probably don’t want to be breathing in—or want your kids breathing (for a number of good reasons which we won’t go into here since that would require a post in itself!)  🙂  Instead, this week in our Meet the Makers series, we spotlight another thoughtful brand…

Introducing Slow North


Michelle Hartle, the founder of Slow North, faced a problem many people have faced when thinking more critically about products that they have willingly brought in their home. After replacing cleaning products with toxic chemicals and other elements from her home, she was at a loss as to what to do about her candles. Whether it’s the morning or the evening, there’s just something so incredibly soothing about lighting a candle. As she went up the learning curve, she quickly realized that it would be nice to have healthy candles in her home as well. After the birth of her son, Michelle launched Slow North to fill a gap in the market. By using natural ingredients and materials, she was able to create a candle she could feel comfortable lighting in her home.



The Candles


Slow North makes candles that are stylish and environmentally friendly. Dye-free, made from soy and essential oils, they are free of animal products and come with minimal packaging. Their simple modern aesthetic and classic scents mean you can light a relaxing candle anywhere in your home.


A nice touch, Slow North candles are also hand poured. They come in a recycled glass tumbler with a cork lid or in clever travel tins. The candles themselves feature no synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients. And, as an added benefit, the lovely glasses and tins can be reused or easily recycled.


We think you’ll really enjoy these lovely candles. We have even featured them in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide and would love to hear your thoughts. As always, feel free to reach out at – Happy Holidays!

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