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What If My Kids Eat Their Art Supplies?

When you choose Eco-Kids USA, the answer is, “Don’t Worry About It!” This week at Modern Kids Design, we feature another awesome family business, Eco-Kids and, yes, as the company name suggests, their products are proudly made in the USA. Many of us have childhood recollections that are laced with memories of arts-and-crafts afternoons and elaborate projects that got as much paint on our faces and hands as it did the paper. This unbridled sense of creativity is one of the unique joys of growing up; it’s a time to experiment and explore, whether it involves drawing pictures or crafting precarious sculptures.


But today, parents might watch their children have the same experiences that they once did and feel a nagging concern. Are the paints safe? What if my child accidentally eats some of the clay? Will their skin break out in a rash from the ingredients? These fears – and perfectly valid ones, at that – are enough to effectively dampen what should be an inspiring and exciting experience for parents and children alike.


Children don’t usually eat their art supplies… But if the joys of parenthood have taught us anything, it’s that what is “supposed to happen” and what “actually happens” sometimes don’t align. And if your daughter has paint on her hands and your son has clay under his fingernails and they like to sniff their art supplies, then you don’t want to worry that they’re being exposed to hazardous chemicals and toxins.


The good news? You don’t have to worry. We’re delighted to offer all-natural, chemical-free, plant-based art supplies by Eco-Kids USA. The brainchild of a mom-and-dad duo Cammie and Kip Weeks, Eco-Kids offers an inspiring array of art products for young children that will spark creativity without the health concerns. From their signature take on play dough, called eco-dough, to face paints, from crayons to coloring books, these are products that you can feel good about using.


Cammie and Kip started selling eco-dough at the Hollywood Farmers Market in 2008, inspired by a recipe that Cammie’s mother used when she was a child. It quickly became a hit thanks to its mix of totally natural, plant-based ingredients, bright and earthy colors, and light scent made from essential oils. Ingredients include organic fruit and vegetable extracts, flour, coconut oil, and organic rosemary oil. Many conventional clays and play-doughs contain gluten, making them unsuitable for children with celiac’s, so Eco-Kids also created a gluten-free version. While we don’t have the gluten free version in stock at the moment, we would love to hear from you if you think this is something we should carry. You guys have been great about sending us suggestions so let us know what you think at


Their other products also contain a similar list of ingredients, which are wholesome enough to mix into your dinner salad (although we wouldn’t really recommend it 🙂 ). With art supplies that are that good for your kids and the planet, it’s easy to relax and enjoy playtime with Eco-Kids. As always, thanks for reading and, again, feel free to reach out! We enjoy hearing from you!

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