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The Sweet Benefits of Raw Honey

A popular folk remedy, honey has been touted as a cough suppressant, an antibacterial cream, and even a soothing balm for minor burns. In this article, Modern Kids Design delves into the sweet benefits of raw honey and explains the differences between regular honey and raw honey.  Before we get too far, we do want to mention that you should never give an infant (one or younger) honey as it may cause botulism. Raw honey has amazing health benefits but, it goes without saying, it’s best to discuss dietary choices with your pediatrician first.


The Difference Between Raw Honey and “Regular” Honey


As you might guess, raw honey is minimally processed after the bees get done with it. Regular honey, on the other hand, may be subjected to pasteurization and have other items added to alter the taste, color, or shelf-life. Unfortunately, this processing destroys a lot of the natural nutrients found in raw honey.


Essentially, raw honey is closer to the hive-product we’ve all come to love. It’s generally cloudy in color and thicker than processed honey. Its impurities, such as tiny pieces of wax or bee pollen, are all a part of its raw nature.


Raw honey is chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients, including polyphenols, vitamin C, folic acid, and more.


The Benefits of Raw Honey


You may have heard about some of these benefits, but we were pleasantly surprised by others!


Natural Cough Suppressant

Have a persistent tickle in your throat or a frustrating cold that leaves you with a bad cough? Honey can help! By coating your throat, one spoonful of honey can ease that cough and help you get back to your day (or your sleep).


Naturally Antibacterial

If you have small cut (note: not a deep wound), raw honey can act like an antibacterial cream. That’s right! Rather than reaching for a tube of antibacterial cream, dab a bit of raw honey on a cut to stave off infection and to assist with healing.


Similarly, it is believed that having some honey daily can help you fight off illness. In addition, raw honey is known to be antimicrobial and antifungal.


Allergy Relief

Some people believe that raw honey can help them with their allergies. By ingesting a small quantity of local raw honey daily, they acclimate themselves to the pollen and other allergens in the area. This is probably fine for seasonal allergies, but it is not recommended for those with more severe allergies.


Soothes Minor Burns

It’s almost like honey was made for boo boos. Raw honey can soothe a minor burn and help it heal more quickly.


Sleep Aid?

There is some evidence that honey may also aid in sleep. As any tired parent will tell you, that’s pretty sweet. 🙂


Digestive Aid

Raw honey’s amylase can help you digest starchy foods. Plus, with its natural vitamins and minerals, it’s a great daily treat.


Raw Honey Tips


Raw honey is great dissolved in a hot cup of tea. (Plus, you’ll get the benefits of tea and the honey benefits!) Because it tends to function more like a spread than a liquid, it’s also delicious on toast (honey-banana-peanut butter sandwich, anyone?) or on waffles or pancakes.


Do you use raw honey for anything not on our list? Let us know what you think and what you’d like us to write about at  We love hearing from you. As always, thanks for reading!

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