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SoYoung — Inspired Eco-Friendly Organization

Modern Kids Design adores SoYoung and is thrilled to carry their lunch boxes, backpacks, and cooler bags. We even have a diaper bag that is great for both mom’s and dad’s. Since bringing in the line, we have been curious to learn more about how this cool brand came into existence. Here is what we found out.


Catherine Choi, the founder of SoYoung, is a masterful “multitasker”. She’s a mother who puts band-aids on scraped knees, who picks her kids up from lessons, and who packs mouthwatering school lunches. She’s a creator, a thinker, and a change agent. She is also an artist and a businesswoman. Catherine Choi is living proof that, with a little bit of passion, sustainable ideas can transform into beautiful realities.


Catherine began her professional career in the financial industry, a job that “offered a measure of status” but left her feeling uninspired and unfulfilled. She wanted a change—and she wanted to create change. But she didn’t know where to begin. So Catherine did something that took courage: She paused. Stepping away from her high-profile career was a difficult decision, but she has never looked back.


Leaving her job gave Catherine the freedom to explore what she could do to shape a more meaningful existence, both for herself and for those with whom she interacted. Catherine’s “ah-ha!” moment didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t until she became a mother that she developed the idea for SoYoung.


Every parent is familiar with the scenario: Your hands are full with a crying toddler, your fingers desperately raking through the cavernous depths of your bag to find a bottle, a toy, a diaper, or one of the many items that becomes a necessity when you have a baby on board. Catherine was frustrated; diaper bags should be a tool, rather than an inconvenience.


It was within the cavernous depths of her bag that Catherine found her calling. SoYoung carries diaper bags that are structured with a busy parent in mind, keeping all of the necessities that come along with having a young baby within easy reach. They’re also eco-friendly and made of BPA-free materials, enabling parents to stay on-the-go with the peace of mind that they’re doing it sustainably.


Catherine explains that SoYoung was “born partly out of a desire to design a clean, classic and smart diaper bag that made a parent’s life a little easier while not sacrificing style, but also as a testament to the possibility of taking an idea, acting on it, watching it take physical form, and then setting it out into the world.”


This modern mom of three has an appetite for style and change, and her values shine through in every product she creates. Explore SoYoung, an exquisite and eco-friendly line of lunch boxes, cooler bags, and backpacks and let us know what you think. With SoYoung’s designs in your hands (or your child’s), you can enjoy the marriage of aesthetics, convenience, and green values.

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