Modern Kids Design Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Looking for Something Unique? The Modern Kids Design Holiday Gift Guide 2016 is Here!

It’s already November, which means the holidays are upon us, and it seems gift shopping is on everyone’s mind. If you’re like the majority of people who don’t have everything planned and bought in advance, you’re probably searching for gift ideas right now. Like us here at Modern Kids Design, you probably also want to give useful, earth-friendly gifts that the recipients will use and love. With that in mind, we’ve collected some of our favorite gift ideas into a handy holiday gift guide for the whole family! In this post, Part 1, we’ll cover gifts for the littlest members of your family—new babies and toddlers. In Part 2, we’ll have something for you!


Holiday Gift Guide For the Baby


Niche Feeding Pillow by Nook – This pillow represents some of the best things about the Nook line of products and bedding. Like all of Nook’s products, the Niche Feeding Pillow is made in North America and supports local economies. With a focus on breathability, safety/health, and comfort, this pillow is ideal for supporting your young baby during feeding, cuddling, and playing. Its versatile shape means you can keep using it even once baby has grown up, and it makes an attractive, modern home accessory.


Baby’s First Year Cards by Milestone – Any new parent or parent-to-be would love to receive these commemorative cards/photo props to document their baby’s growth and development. Milestone is dedicated to helping parents capture, enjoy, and remember all the important moments with their child. Capturing family moments with these beautiful, durable artistic cards is a special experience. They allow you to build the modern equivalent of a “baby book” and share it with all the important people in your life, one milestone at a time.


Green Drop Humidifier by Crane – If you aren’t already using a humidifier in your nursery, consider this the perfect gift to get you started. In addition to being beautifully designed, this humidifier is whisper-quiet and has an auto-off function for when water runs out. Crane builds high-quality products that work effectively, are easy to maintain, and are energy efficient. The base is also antimicrobial to prevent mold and bacterial growth, keeping this humidifier safe and healthy for your baby. Want to know more about the benefits of using a humidifier year-round? Read more here.


Holiday Gift Guide For the Toddler


BringMe! Bag – Travel Plate Set by Bonnsu – Innovative, convenient, and safe for your little one, this packable plate + utensils set will help you keep the family fed and prevent tantrums while on the go. Bonnsu is all about designing beautiful yet practical lifestyle products for the modern family, and that really shows in their “Miniware” table and travel sets for young children. With a focus on reducing waste, kid-friendly design, and healthy alternatives to plastic baby products, you can feel confident that you’re giving your toddler the best mealtime experience, even when you’re not at home.


Two-Sided Toddler Pillow by Nook – The high-quality bedding and homeware products from Nook are also available through the Modern Kids Design store! This beautifully designed pillow provides just the right support for growing necks and spines, with dual design/color options for when your little one is feeling picky. Within a breathable organic cotton and eucalyptus cover is an eco-friendly and microbe-resistant fill which provides great cushioning for the best sleep. Who knows? It may even help get your toddler to sleep through the night!


What do you think of our gift ideas? Are there any products you’d like us to add to our gift guide list? We love hearing  suggestions from our readers, so drop us a note at and let’s help make holiday shopping easier for all of us! Oh, and stay tuned for Part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide where we’ll talk gifts for older children and adults alike. As always, thanks for reading!


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