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Loving the land in Lowell…

2014-07-29 SH, GH, Chix, Puppy 032fxsmToday we talk about our nonprofit partner Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, which is based in Lowell, Massachusetts. When we look at ways that we can care for the environment, we often consider the global environment: How can we reduce our carbon footprint to limit global warming? How can we avoid plastics from entering our waterways and causing problems for marine life? Often the answers to these questions can be found locally. The team at Modern Kids Design is increasingly looking at ways in our personal lives that we can improve the environment in our homes, our neighborhoods, and the land on which we live.


In this post, we’re looking at how the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust helps people in Lowell, Massachusetts care for the land in which they live. We’re proud to have Lowell Parks & Conservation as a nonprofit partner in our Shop+Give program. The Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust believes that people can be a positive force toward improving the environment in which they live if they feel a connection and responsibility for the land on which they live. They believe that global environmental improvement starts with learning about and caring for the local environment. Let’s take a look at how they are “loving the land” in Lowell, Massachusetts:


Founded in 1990, Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust has a fresh perspective on what it means to preserve the environment. They focus their efforts on where the greatest environmental gains can be made. Surprisingly, this is in the city, where Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust promotes urban forestry.


They use their expertise in caring for native trees and wildlife to promote urban forestry in the Lowell area by sharing their knowledge and skills with other groups. They provide technical assistance to local municipalities, businesses, other nonprofits, and community groups who are working to improve the local environment and reduce their impact on native species.


Loving and learning go hand in hand. Much of Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust’s efforts are put towards educating people about the value of preserving the environment. By showing youth and adults first-hand the positive and negative impacts they can have on the environment, they help people take a greater sense of ownership over the land, thereby becoming better caretakers.


In addition to educational efforts, Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust acquires and maintains conservation lands in the Lowell area. By preserving green spaces, they have a living classroom to teach children and adults how to care for the local environment.


We’re excited to announce that on August 26th, 2014, the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust earned national recognition for their work by being awarded accreditation from the National Land Trust Accreditation Commission. This makes us especially happy to have Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust as a partner in our Shop+Give program. When you shop at Modern Kids Design and choose Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust as your nonprofit partner, 5% of your purchase will go to one of the top Land Trusts in the United States, dedicated to caring for the land in Lowell, Massachusetts.


When you consider where you can have the biggest impact on the global environment, it’s often right in your own backyard. Looking to make an impact locally? Find a local land trust and you can learn about native species, the history of your area, and more. It’s a great way to get kids excited about caring for the environment. In fact, see it for yourself —  check out this video entitled: More Than Hugging Trees: Connecting Kids to Nature.  As always, thanks for reading!

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