Kid-Friendly Father’s Day Activities

Here at Modern Kids Design, we love finding different ways to spend time with our families and making holidays a family event. For Father’s Day, we decided to brainstorm activities to do together for some quality Dad time. Not only are these activities kid-friendly, they’re also Earth-friendly. Here are six exciting ways to have a Kid-Friendly Father’s Day!


Plan a Picnic

Grab a basket and help the kids decide on some healthy fare to pack for the park. Sharing a fun meal together is a great way introduce kids to healthy foods. Bring along a ball and a blanket and this fun picnic becomes a family event that won’t soon be forgotten.


Visit your Local Conservancy

Learn about your area’s flora and fauna at your local conservancy. Many conservation centers have family friendly activities like bird watching and plant spotting that will teach the whole family about the different animals and plants that are native to the neighborhood.


Plant a Themed Container Garden

Does Dad like to cook? Why not help him plant a special container garden that houses the aromatic herbs he needs for his popular chicken platter? Gardening together is a wonderful opportunity to share how plants grow and information about agriculture and the water cycle.



Our nonprofit partner Fishing Futures promotes fishing as a way to get the entire family outside and enjoying nature. Casting a line together provides everyone with an opportunity to unplug from technology and focus on the process of fishing. It’s a great opportunity to discuss water pollution and responsible fishing, or just spend time together out on the lake.


Make a Book

For the craft-inclined, making a book together is a fun way to discover a new skill and repurpose paper and old cards. A greeting card and scrap paper can quickly be turned into a work of art with a sewing needle or paper punch. Give new life to old materials and share the valuable lesson of reusing. Pinterest features many great bookmaking ideas. Here’s one of our favorites on Pinterest:

Build a Birdhouse

Building a birdhouse together isn’t just about providing beautiful real estate to our avian friends. It’s also a fun way to use math while learning about construction and the environment. Before measuring and cutting, consider what birds may soon call your mini-condo home. Then, the whole family can pitch in to measure, cut, glue, hammer, and paint as necessary.


Celebrating Dad can be fun for the whole family, and Earth-friendly, too! Let us know how you choose to celebrate the father’s in your life.  Thanks for reading and to the Dad’s out there — Happy Father’s Day!

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