Modern Kids Design Green Valentine's Day Post

Five Green Gift Ideas for a Loving Valentine’s Day

modern kids design green valentinesAt Modern Kids Design, we enjoy celebrating different occasions throughout the year, marking the passing months and seasons with love and excitement—even Valentine’s Day, a day that is known to evoke a range of emotions for many. Historians say we can probably thank Geoffrey Chaucer for linking love with a saint’s day. The English poet associated Saint Valentine’s Day with birds choosing their mates as he wrote a poem for the first anniversary of King Richard II engagement to Anne of Bohemia. Others followed suit, describing the springtime rituals of love, roping flowers into the mix and introducing the trickster Cupid as well. At its core, Valentine’s has become a day to show appreciation to those you love and to share love with those around us—a beautiful sentiment that is made even more beautiful when we keep Mother Earth in mind. Here are five green gift ideas for a loving green Valentine’s Day:


1. Essential Oils: Perfume is frequent go-to gift. The right scent can linger in the air, reminding us of those we care for and of time spent together. Rather than seeking conventional perfumes (known to have synthetic fragrances), look for something natural or consider soothing essential oils that  can be quickly and easily blended to create a unique and natural fragrance that is all ones own.


2. Handmade Valentine: Instead of purchasing a generic Valentine’s Day card from the greeting card aisle, consider making your own with supplies you already have. Repurposing old cards and papers into a new collage or card can be fun. With some original poetry, your own sentiments, or favorite romantic quotes, your card will be one-of-a-kind.


3. Time Together: There’s nothing quite like quality time together to cement bonds and create memories. While Valentine’s is often seen as a time for couples, it can also be a meaningful time for families to show their love for each other. Baking or cooking together can be a fun way to make memories and yummy treats. Consider making these delicious molten chocolate cakes. Substitute organic ingredients when possible and enjoy a warm, gooey treat with those you love most.


4. Fair Trade Chocolates: The heart-shaped chocolate boxes have been in stores for at least a month now, tempting all who pass by. If your sweetie or kids are cocoa-fanatics, consider gifting them with organic, fair trade chocolates for a wonderful green treat. Many supermarkets now carry a larger selection of organic chocolate, ranging from sweet milk chocolate to the darkest of dark chocolates. With delicious add-ins like currants, mint, or hazelnuts, there’s a variety for every sweet tooth in the family.


5. Organic Flowers: The lure of a dozen roses is hard to resist, as flowers have become the quintessential Valentine’s gift. Thankfully, there are alternatives to the norm with many more eco-friendly buds around. Organic flowers, potted plants, and terrariums make for beautiful, green gifts that aren’t just great for your sweetie but great for the environment too.


This Valentine’s Day keep the planet in mind as you aim to surprise those you love. Reuse what you can, shop wisely, and remember, quality time together goes a long way. “Experiences” pair well with everything so what ever gift you ultimately choose, we’re sure you’ll create long lasting, heart-felt memories for years to come.


In case you’re wondering about the feature image this week, it was inspired by love. The combination of being in Paris in February and having heard about the Wall of Love or, rather, Le Mur des Je t’aime, it seemed like a perfectly good time to go and see it. This mural can be found in a quiet park near Montmartre where love is expressed in almost every language. For those in the area, or passing through, it is a great destination where you’ll find couples and families alike all year around.


From our families to yours, we here at Modern Kids Design hope you have a love-filled and Happy Green Valentine’s Day.

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