Spotlight on Eco-Kids USA

Deciding what to wrap up for the holidays for a charity gift drive or a friend’s child can be difficult, but it shouldn’t add to the stress of the holidays. If you don’t personally know a child or can’t remember what toys they may already own, arts and craft supplies are a great gift that will feed their imagination and provide a fun activity to do during the winter break. eco-kids makes gift giving easy by providing environmentally-friendly craft supplies that every child will love to dip their hands into.


eco-kids makes beautiful, environmentally-friendly materials for a child’s next masterpiece. Not only are the supplies they make non-toxic and mixed from natural ingredients, but their packaging is also safe for the environment. eco-kids is a family run business that aims to provide fun, kid-tested materials so that more kids can experience “creative play the natural way”. That’s a motto we here at Modern Kids Design can get behind!




eco-paint is a powder-based paint made from natural ingredients. What a great way to explore art! Little van Goghs and Cassatts will love dipping their fingers into these rich, earthy colors. Bundle these hues with the eco-art pad for hours of creative exploration. FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified, this 9 by 12 pad is great for painting and coloring—and safe for the environment.








eco-crayons come in six brilliant colors. Designed to resemble rocks, they’re great for kids learning to manipulate items. A fun, non-toxic alternative to commercial crayons, these “rocks” create new angles as you color. Package with an eco-art pad and eco-glue for even more creative inspiration.








eco-dough has been on the scene since 2008. In fact, it was eco-kids first product! Made from natural ingredients and colors, this moldable dough can be rolled, shaped, or cut. Children can have fun sculpting a grazing giraffe or piecing together a rocket ship while parents and caretakers will have peace of mind, knowing eco-dough is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Bundle with an eco-rolling pin and some cutting tools for hours of creativity.






All eco-kids products are made for children over 2 years old and are under $20. You can make a beautiful gift bag by bundling a few colorful items for your favorite artist or for a local gift drive. Add a pair of safety scissors and a paint brush and just wait for the masterpieces to roll in!

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