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Ecojot Offers A Blank Sheet for Creativity… With an Ethical Spin

Ah, the power of a blank page. It’s a place for kids to doodle, tell stories, and sketch their world. It’s a place for children to explore and investigate. It’s a vessel of creativity, enabling children to think imaginatively. Artistic exploration is a beautiful thing. But if you’re simultaneously fretting about the waste and forest degradation that exists in our world, then you’re not alone. Environmental concerns surrounding paper is a very real issue… And it grows greater each day.


Introducing Ecojot


At Modern Kids Design, we’re excited to share that we carry 100% recycled paper products by Ecojot, the “ethical paper company.” Every aspect of their process is eco-friendly, from the completely recycled paper to the paper mills, which are powered by gas harnessed from a nearby landfill. The awesome paper they produce is acid and chlorine-free, contains only biodegradable inks and glues, and is packaged in a corn-based material—not plastic.


Another thing that makes Ecojot stand out is its gorgeous array of whimsical designs that decorate the covers. Kids and parents alike will fall for the bright colors and beautiful detailing. What’s more, the paper is sleek and soft to the touch, making it the ideal choice for young artists and writers.


Ecojot is the brainchild of Mark and Carolyn Gavin, an inspiring brother-and-sister team based in Canada. As the creative design partner, Carolyn creates the aesthetically stunning journals, sketchbooks, and stationary. Her designs are inspired by environmental themes that she’s picked up while traveling around the world. Mark handles the sustainability side of the business to ensure that every product is as eco-friendly and environmentally responsible as possible. A truly inspiring family!


Modern Kids Design loves many things about Ecojot. They have an amazing giving program, aptly called their “Give Program” and it provides writing tools for kids in need around the world to help them “write their way out of poverty and violence” and, of course, we love their sustainability measures, their gorgeous aesthetic, and their functional products. We plan to carry even more of their products and would love to hear if you like what we have in stock and what you’d like to see us get for the store. Feel free to let us  know at healthyliving@modernkidsdesign. And, as always, thanks for reading!

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