Modern Kids Design Blog Post - National Bike Month

Celebrate National Bike Month With Our Nonprofit Partners

Every May The League of American Bicyclists sponsors National Bike Month. It’s a great time to explore how cycling can provide a healthy workout while also cutting back on harmful carbon emissions. Riding a bike to work is an Earth-friendly way to commute. With more communities providing designated bike lanes and public transit systems that allow cyclists to hop on, it’s even easier to switch from four wheels to two. Today we share a few thoughts as National Bike Month comes to a close.


Family bike rides are a wonderful way to get everyone outside and active. Whether exploring local trails or learning about bike safety on the road, cycling together provides a unique opportunity to teach our families about the Earth, exercise, and leading healthy lives.


Modern Kids Design is proud to support three distinct non-profits that focus on cycling. When you make a purchase with us, now up to 10% of the proceeds are donated to our nonprofit partners, including the Community Cycling Center, El Grupo Youth Cycling, and Bicycles for Humanity,  through our Shop + Give program.


To promote their mission of making bicycles accessible to the community, the Community Cycling Center sells and donates bikes to the community. They teach bike safety to kids and bike maintenance to adults.


El Grupo Youth Cycling works with kids to promote bike riding as a safe, healthy, and fun activity. They help those unable to afford bikes and safety equipment by providing free or affordable equipment and teach classes to promote bike safety.


Bicycles for Humanity ships donated bicycles to Africa, effectively providing a means of transportation and allowing better access to education, food, and healthcare.


There are many ways to get involved in cycling for National Bike Month, even if you don’t own a bike. Nationwide, bike share programs are cropping up in cities, allowing locals and tourists alike to rent a set a wheels and enjoy pedaling around town. Its a fun and unique way to experience a new town, as well as relaxing way to visit your weekend farmer’s market. For more information about our nonprofit partners and the positive changes they aim to make in our communities, check our Shop + Give page.  As always, thanks for reading!

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