California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences Sparks A Hunger for Knowledge

This week we’re we’d like to tell you a little bit about one of our nonprofit partners and neighbor (of sorts…). As parents, we often wish that we could bottle up the vast wonders of our planet and give it to our children in a neat, tidy package.  And while this might be impossible, at Modern Kids Design, we think that the California Academy of Sciences is about as close as you can get. Tucked into the verdant landscape of Golden Gate Park, the establishment is one of the “newest” museums of natural history in the country. Although it was rebuilt in 2008, it has been a hub of research since 1851, giving birth to scientific advancements that have shaped our world as we know it today.


California Academy of Sciences invites visitors to “Let the Wonder Begin.” Bursting with a diverse range of resources, they make learning accessible, exciting, and engaging for guests of all ages, making it an ideal afternoon excursion for youngsters, teenagers, and adults alike.


The Rainforests of the World exhibit encapsulates the complex tropical environment within a four-story dome, transporting visitors to equatorial landscapes the moment they walk into the space. Examine 38,000 aquatic creatures in the Steinhart Aquarium, a space where African Penguins plunge into the water and stingrays glide underfoot. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for Claude, the Academy’s beloved albino alligator!


Step into the world’s largest digital planetarium, at Morris Planetarium, a state-of-the-art structure that brings the mysteries of outer space to the ground level. Kimball Natural History Museum showcases everything from Tyrannosaurus-Rex skeletons to the famed Foucault Pendulum. Its Islands of Evolution exhibits gives visitors young and old a peek into the studies of Darwin, and explores how they fit into the landscape of the Galapagos Islands today.


One of the many things we love is that the California Academy of Sciences isn’t just a center of learning, it’s also a model of sustainability. Its walls are insulated with recycled blue jeans, and its 2.5-acre “living roof” provides a habitat for 1.7 million native plants and harvests a water reclamation system. 60,000 photovoltaic cells surround the roof, providing clean energy to power the building. As one of the world’s greenest museum, the California Academy of Sciences explains that “the building reflects our mission – explore, explain, & protect.”


Here is something else that is interesting and was new news to us before we spoke with them…..If you don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can still benefit from the California Academy of Sciences. Take a look at a few of their standout resources:


Mobile Apps: From Pocket Penguins to Science Today, the academy provides a host of mobile-friendly, engaging, and educational apps for users of all ages.


Webcams: Can’t make it to San Francisco? Explore the Live Penguin Cam, Philippine Coral Reef Webcam, Shark Lagoon Cam, and Farallones Webcam – All from the comfort of your own home.


Video Collections: Dozens of educational videos are available on the Academy’s website, offering engaging content on everything from climate change to biodiversity to evolution. Whether watching them as a family or encouraging your child to delve into them solo, they are guaranteed to pique every viewer’s interest.


Well, that’s it for now. As you probably guessed, we love this place and could have written more. There really is a lot more to cover and explore:-) We hope that you visit them either online or in person.  As always, feel free to reach out to us by email and let us know what you think or tell us what you’d like to read about in future posts. Thanks for reading!

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