6 Cool Books for Kids About Climate Change

climate_change-jmaurerThe changing climate can be a tricky topic to explain to kids, so for today’s Eco-Books for Kids post, we’ve rounded up some books that help get the conversation started. Some tell the story through one animal, like the Polar Bear; others delve into the science of greenhouse gases. Here, we hope you can find an appropriate book for your child’s age and interest!


This is the final post in our seven-part series. While reading the posts, you may come across some books listed earlier. That’s because we saw them as fitting under several topics and we wanted the posts to be easily searchable.


If there is a book you think should have made the list of Books for Kids About Climate Change, please tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!


Ages 4 to 8

Global Warming, by Seymour Simon. A picture-heavy book that introduces the concept of global warming and includes a helpful glossary.

The Polar Bears’ Home: A Story About Global Warming, by Lara Bergen. Climate change can be a tough concept to explain, and this book makes it a little more approachable. Follow a girl and her father through the arctic as they learn about Polar Bears and how they’re affected by climate change.

Why Are The Ice Caps Melting?: The Dangers of Global Warming, by Anne Rockwell. Here’s a book that explains the basics of how the Earth works and how climate change is affecting that.


Ages 8 to 12

Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming, by Laurie David. This award-winning book receives praise for explaining things in a comprehensive, engaging way that is easy for the whole family to understand.

How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming, by Lynne Cherry. A book that introduces children to the science behind climate change. Scientists featured include young children who are engaging in citizen science.

A Kids’ Guide to Climate Change & Global Warming: How to Take Action! by Cathryn Berger Kaye. Not only does this book make a potentially challenging subject intellectually accessible to kids, it gives kids and parents ideas for steps that they can take to make a difference.

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