12 Books for Kids about Going Green

Stack of books with green apple on topIn our Eco-Books series, we bring you some cool book ideas, broken up by subject and age. Today, we’ve rounded up great books for children and families that are looking for ways to make their lifestyles more environmentally friendly.


This is post four of our seven-part series. While reading the posts, you may come across some books listed more than once. That’s because we saw them as fitting under several topics and we wanted the posts to be easily searchable.


If you have ideas of Books for Kids about Going Green, please tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you!


Ages 4 and Under

Eco-Babies Wear Green by Michelle Sin Colman. A small-sized, easy-to-handle, fun book for youngsters.


Ages 4 to 8

Arthur Turns Green, by Marc Brown. Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink, this story features Arthur, beloved to many families. In this story, he’s determined to go green and educate others to do the same.

Dear Children of the Earth, by Schim Schimmel. A letter from the Earth to her “children.”

Energy Island: How One Community Harnessed the Wind and Changed Their World, by Allan Drummond. A true and entertaining narrative about how a Danish island became completely energy independent, and in doing so, went from ordinary to extraordinary.

E is for the Environment, by Ian James Corlett. This book begins with the African proverb, “If many little people do many little things, they can change the face of the earth.” It goes on to tell inspiring stories about saving the earth.

I Can Save the Earth!, by Alison Inches. A little green monster with terrible environmental habits has a change of heart, showing children many ways they can help the Earth: turning off the water, turning off the lights, and recycling, to name a few.

To Market, To Market, by Nikkie McClure. Beautiful illustrations by this self-taught artist bring this story about finding fresh produce at the farmers market alive. Children get to learn about different vegetables and how they’re grown.

The Three R’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, by Nuria Roca. Great for very young readers, this book introduces the basic ideas of why we should and how we can minimize our waste.


Ages 8 to 12

Earth Book for Kids: Activities to Help Heal the Environment, by Linda Schwarz. From water conservation to energy use and acid rain, this book covers a range of environmental problems and gives kids ideas for changes they can make.

Easy to be Green: Simple Activities You Can Do to Save The Earth, by Ellie O’Ryan. This book provides simple explanations of things like carbon footprints, in addition to tons of tips, facts and activities for the environment-minded youngster.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma For Kids: The Secrets Behind What You Eat, by Michael Pollan. Michael Pollan creates his hugely influential Omnivore’s Dilemma with young readers in mind, discussing where food comes from and ways to eat healthier for you and the planet.

Recycle this Book, by Dan Gutman. With contributions from renowned authors, this book takes on going green at several levels: home, school, community and world.

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